Mini Raised Mandala Set
Mini Raised Mandala Set
Mini Raised Mandala Set

Mini Raised Mandala Set

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Elegant and small 6-piece mandala offering set, containing a top ornament, 3 concentric rings with a 4th closed base, and a raised platform.

To be placed upon your home altar as a perpetual offering, the set is composed of finely engraved copper with floral motifs and accented with gold-plated trim. The raised platform includes a stylized double-dorje floral motif with a Wheel of Joy at its centre. Inlaid into the top blossom are alternating turquoise and coral gemstones.

Mandala is a Sanskrit term meaning ‘circle’ indicating the centre and surroundings.

The Tibetan Buddhist mandala offering represents the entire idealized cosmos including mystical Mount Sumeru, the sun, the moon, the stars, planets, the earth and oceans, while the grains of rice we offer represent all sentient beings, their wealth, enjoyments, etc. With this ritual set, one symbolically offers to the Buddhas and one’s Teacher everything imaginable thereby increasing one’s generosity and generating the two kinds of merit: the merit of wisdom and the merit of accumulations. It is said to help the practitioner accomplish the Six Transcendent Perfections.

Rings range from 2.5-7.5cm in diameter, with a height of 2.5cm. The raised platform has a diameter of 14cm and is 4cm tall. Top ornament is 7.5cm tall.

Handcrafted in Nepal.

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