Tea Break Set
Tea Break Set
Tea Break Set
Tea Break Set

Tea Break Set

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'Tea Break' Set

Perfect for any occasion, support your friends with a gift from your spiritual home that inspires their inner peace. With our assembled gift sets, you know you‘re offering something special, meaningful, truly heartfelt.

This set contains:
  • One lilac teapot with six mugs
    Also available in olive or blue. Make your selection before adding to cart.
  • Handpicked Red Clover Blossom Tea
  • Lovely decorative box to hold the set
  • A crystal plate with golden trim, perfect for use as a coaster for the teapot, or as a decorative stand for precious objects like statues or candles.

This charming gift set might also inspire you to continue browsing our store to discover a gift for yourself. Please note that this unique gift set is one of a kind, and will only be available from us once. If you are inspired to put together a unique, individual gift set for your loved ones, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Red Clover Tea:

Widely regarded as a wonderful hormone-balancing remedy, and an all-around boost for women's health.

Pour ~350ml of simmered (not boiling), water over ~2 tbsp of Red Clover blossoms. Cover and let steep for 10-20 minutes to receive all the health benefits.