Silver Stupa of Enlightenment
Silver Stupa of Enlightenment

Silver Stupa of Enlightenment

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Carefully crafted stupas are an important addition to your home altar. This exquisite Tibetan Silver stupa, representing the Buddha’s attainment of supreme enlightenment, is full of symbolism.

The three steps forming the base symbolize the Three Jewels. Above the steps is a representation of the Lion’s Throne. Above that, four steps represent the Four Immeasurables. The ‘vase,’ adorned with a tiny Buddha statue, represents the 7 Elements of Enlightenment. Above that, the harmika symbolizes the Eightfold Path while the 13 disks above it represent the 13 Powers of Buddha. The parasol represents compassion while the topmost jewel, sun, and moon represent enlightenment, wisdom, and compassion respectively.

This stupa is pre-filled with mantras, incense, and precious substances, ready for practicing upon. Please also set the intention to meet with an authentic master to have your stupa consecrated directly.

Measuring 10.5 cm hight, and 4 cm in diameter.