Shou Shan Wrist Mala
Shou Shan Wrist Mala

Shou Shan Wrist Mala

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The practice of mantra recitation has been used for centuries to help focus the mind, bring calmness, and to gain wisdom and to purify obscurations. This mala bracelet is a beautiful and personal gift, and can also be blessed by a teacher or spiritual leader.

Strung on elastic cord with 24 beads, plus a guru bead composed of blue agate and flanked by smaller blue stones. The mala consists of semi-precious gemstones which have become popular in the West due to the healing properties associated with the minerals. In this case, Shou shan is said to restore lost energy and impart the wearer with the courage to overcome fear and anxiety.

This bead size is 8 mm and the circumference is 15 cm.

To motivate your practice and inspire mantra recitation even while traveling or on the go, this mala braclet is a wonderful and aesthetically beatuiful item to cherish.

If this mala bracelet is a gift, it is good to keep it in a safe place and put it into one of our beautiful mala bags this will ensure protection and round up this nice and also meaningful present.

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