Quartz Mala with Pink Spacer Beads – 8mm
Quartz Mala with Pink Spacer Beads – 8mm

Quartz Mala with Pink Spacer Beads – 8mm

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The practice of mantra recitation has flourished for untold millennia to help focus the mind, cultivate calmness, purify negative emotions, and gain wisdom.

Stunning in its translucent simplicity, the clear quartz mala possesses all the unique qualities legendary among numerous spiritual traditions, East and West. Avalokitesvara, the Buddhist Lord of Compassion, clasps a crystal mala in his right hand as a symbol of tranquility and consoling. Crystal is regarded by Tibetan Buddhists as one of the 5 precious substances in this world.

  • 8mm bead size
  • Strung on sturdy triple-strand cord
  • 108 Quarz beads, 3 spacer beads, 1 quarz guru bead and tassel with silver lotus and a set of quarz counter beads

To inspire and motivate progress in your mantra recitation, mala counters and marker clips can be added. When not using your mala, it should be kept safely and treated with respect. A mala bag ensure protection and longevity, and encases the mala thoughtfully for gifting to others.
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Malas make a lovely, meaningful gift and ideally should be blessed by a spiritual teacher or master.