Onyx Mala with Spacer Beads
Onyx Mala with Spacer Beads

Onyx Mala with Spacer Beads

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The practice of mantra recitation has been used for untold millennium to help focus the mind, cultivate calmness, and to gain wisdom and purification.

Strung on triple-strand cord with 108 beads, semi-precious gemstones have become popular in the West due to the specific healing properties associated with the minerals. At every 27th bead, an extra 'spacer' bead of a different material is inserted as a gentle reminder to refocus when our mind wanders during meditative recitation. The 3 spacer beads increase the number from 108 to 111 beads, are traditionally not counted during mantra recitation.

The mala’s bead size is 8mm. The mala is adorned with a carved silver-plated guru bead, and the tassel includes small ornamental beads.

To inspire and motivate progress in your mantra recitation, consider adding a mala marker clip.

When not using your mala, it should always be kept in a safe, easy-to-find place and treated with respect. Our mala bags will ensure protection from the elements and will extend the life of your mala.

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