Lotus Meditation Cushion
Lotus Meditation Cushion
Lotus Meditation Cushion
Lotus Meditation Cushion

Lotus Meditation Cushion

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Just as our body requires both comfort and firm support for a night of restful sleep, once we start meditating or practicing, after some minutes our body will cry out for a comfortable, supportive meditation cushion. Why? Because the first thing that comes to mind when we sit down to meditate
are even our smallest physical discomforts. On one hand, this is a good indicator that we are sharpening our awareness of our physical being and our surroundings. On the other hand, needless
discomfort due to the absence of a firm support for our ankles, knees and back, leads not only to distraction but also to a subtle yearning for the session to end. So, our meditation seat is the very
basis for the proper alignment of our physical posture, allowing our mind to gently rest, undisturbed.

Our Lotus Meditation Cushion, with its attractive embroidered golden lotus motif, invites you to sit down and devote yourself thoroughly to a relaxing meditation session. It’s firm yet slim, lightweight, and extremely portable.

The zippered cover is a sturdy cotton-poly blend twill, both removable and

This meditation cushion measures: diameter 40cm, height 6cm

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