Handcrafted Koi Pendant
Handcrafted Koi Pendant
Handcrafted Koi Pendant

Handcrafted Koi Pendant

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In Asian cultures, elegant, colorful and graceful Koi fish are rich with symbolism. For centuries, they have been cherished as “living jewels” and carefully tended, especially in man-made aquatic environments. A Koi pond on one’s property is said to attract a positive flow of energy and prosperity. In the wild, Koi have been known to never back down from adversity, and to swim with great determination upstream and even climb waterfalls to reach their goal. Therefore, Koi motifs abound in the East as they represent good luck, perseverance, successful endeavors, and financial rewards. 

You may not have a Koi pond at home, but you can still acquire this enchanting symbol of courage and abundant prosperity on both the worldly and spiritual level.

This delightful laser-cut metal Koi, with its expansive tail, makes a perfect gift to yourself or to your loved ones. Suspended from its braided silk cord, the Koi can be hung anywhere to adorn your living space or office. Hang it in an entrance way, from a window frame, in your children’s playroom, or inside your car.  Like the Koi, may your challenges be overcome!

Ratna Shop offers the metal Koi in rose-gold, matching colored cord, and its accompanying greeting card in selected languages.

This product will arrive at your home packed in a little gift box with a card containing a quote, as shown in the image.

Product Details:
Length: 27 cm
Material: Lightweight laser-cut alloy. Sturdy synthetic silk braided cord, gleaming pink and white ornamental beads.