Handcrafted Closed Lotus Pendant
Handcrafted Closed Lotus Pendant

Handcrafted Closed Lotus Pendant

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A closed lotus flower represents the moment of transformation where the light starts to come in and everything opens up. So this might be the ideal present for people facing hard times now - because the good times, full of light may be just around the corner- waiting to open up like this beautiful blossom.

This lovely, laser cut Lotus Bud makes a perfect gift to yourself or to your loved ones. Suspended from its braided silk cord, the lotus can be hung anywhere to adorn your living space or office. Hang it in an entrance way, from a window frame, in your children's playroome, or inside your car. 

Ratna Shop offers the golden lotus bud with an attached gold-ochre coloured cord, and its accompanying greeting card in selected language. 

This product will arrive at your home packed in a little box with a card containing a quote.

Product Details:
Length: ~20 cm
Material: sturdy gold/ ochre synthetic silk-cord, ornamented with glossy light blue beads with silver washers

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