Traditional Chod Drum – 22.5cm
Traditional Chod Drum – 22.5cm
Traditional Chod Drum – 22.5cm

Traditional Chod Drum – 22.5cm

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Hand-made in the Himalayas, each drum (Tib. damaru) is composed of polished seng-deng (acacia) wood and adorned at the waist with a fabric wrist-strap, and small crocheted strikers. A long tail, or chöpen, of colorful silk brocade waves like a decorative banner when doing extensive practice. The drum heads, covered with buffalo or goat skin and painted green, contain mantras inserted by Buddhist monks to bless the instrument and ready it for authentic practice.

Chöd drums, used specifically for the chöd’s practice liturgy are, in comparison, the ‘big sisters’ of our standard damarus.

Following the old tradition of handcrafting the drums, they each possess their own unique sounds and are carefully produced to be lightweight and very resilient. Beware: Chöd drums of inferior quality and lacking the blessed mantras are being widely sold in the West. Lamas consider them ineffective for genuine practice.

Accompanying each drum is a brocade tail, and hard brocade case with cotton lining, protecting it during travel and from dampness in long periods of disuse. Certain details of the item received may differ, such as tassel color, wood grain or pattern placement.

This chöd drum has a diameter of 22.5cm, is 10.5cm tall and weighs ~800g. Case measures 25cm x 11cm.

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