Calabash ‘Bottle Gourd’ Keychain
Calabash ‘Bottle Gourd’ Keychain

Calabash ‘Bottle Gourd’ Keychain

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In China, since ancient times the calabash, or bottle gourd, has long been considered a multifaceted symbol of all good things, including abundance, prosperity, success, and good luck. In Feng Shui, it is regarded as a protective amulet thought to ward off negative energy, disease, and harmful spirits and to invite happiness, self-sufficiency, contentment, good health, long life, and favourable conditions. Taoists perceive the gourd’s shape as a natural representation of heaven and earth, in fact the whole universe.

Here, our miniature bronze calabash gourd, ornately-carved with a dragon and fan motif including 4 Chinese good luck characters, is fastened to a colourful synthetic silk cord adorned with decorative wood beads, small carved bronze beads, and a metal split-ring.

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