Embossed Gold-Plated Bumpa Set
Embossed Gold-Plated Bumpa Set

Embossed Gold-Plated Bumpa Set

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The sacred water vase [Tib. bum pa] is essential to all Vajrayana tantric rituals and empowerments for the purpose of purification and consecration. The contents of the vase represents the sacred universe comprising the mandala of visualized deities.

Crafted in the Himalayas, the ritual vase is composed of lustrous oxidized copper with stylized lotus petals engraved on their base and studded with mountain coral and turquoise.

The circular crown is embellished with ornate gold-plated embossed carvings of Dharma symbols, such as the burning gem. A slender water spout issuing from the head of an embossed Makara is crowned with a conical fan-like sprinkler [Tib. phun-dro] adorned with a small brocade swatch, red piping, a peacock feather, and kusha grass.

Measures 36cm high.