Brown Lotus Seed Mala with Spacer Beads
Brown Lotus Seed Mala with Spacer Beads

Brown Lotus Seed Mala with Spacer Beads

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The practice of mantra recitation has been used for untold millennium to help focus the mind, cultivate calmness, and to gain wisdom and purification.

Strung with 108 beads, lotus seed malas are said to imbue special blessings from the land of Buddha Shakyamuni who attained complete enlightenment while meditating under the sacred Bodhi Tree. Moreover, the special property of the lotus seed is to ‘enrich and multiply’ one’s merit, and it is generally cherished as auspicious. Note that, with daily use, the beads will develop a stunning darker shade of patina due to the natural oils in one’s hands. Some Tibetans believe the darker the mala beads, the more merit accumulated by the practitioner.

The mala includes a guru bead. The tassel is adorned with two small silver-plated medallions, ornamented with red coral cabochons, and tipped with matching silver-plated charms. The mala’s bead size is 8mm.

To inspire and motivate progress in your mantra recitation, consider adding a mala marker clip.

When not using your mala, it should always be kept in a safe, easy-to-find place and treated with respect. Our mala bags will ensure protection from the elements and will extend the life of your mala.

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